Welcome Sue Miller, Real Estate Broker with RE/MAX of Naperville!  Sue's passion for the past 25 plus years has been working with Sellers on pricing and marketing their homes for sale, and assisting Buyers in finding their dream home!


Placing your  "best foot forward"  is the key to success for all Sellers!   Sue encourages owners to make every effort to "ready" their property to the best of their ability, prior to actually going on the market.  This involves an in depth walk with Sue and the homeowner,  throughout every area of the home.   And that means ‐ from the basement to the garage, to the out of the way bedrooms.   De‐cluttering is generally the number one project!  And, it's not fun!  Closets and cabinets should be addressed by removing  out of season clothing  and items that won't be needed for the foreseeable future.  Repairs, updating, painting, staging and/or any other home improvements that will attract a buyer is very important .   A well presented home will  be viewed by a potential buyer more favorably, over others of less attractive presentations.   Caution...Don't start this process until Sue meets with you.  There may be areas that won't be necessary to address, or other issues you may not even thought of.

Following the home tour, then Sellers need to determine a reasonable asking price, requiring a perfect balance between attracting a solid offer and ultimately receiving top dollar.  To accomplish this, Sue prepares a competitive market analysis of the home.   As your professional,  Sue compares your home to current  prices and amenities of like properties, within the market range of the home.   Being overpriced is a bad start, and equally important is pin pointing what is the highest value an educated buyer will pay.  Sue has developed an amazing list of services that every homeowner can expect once the home is listed.   She will share her  impressive marketing plan with you.  It's designed to get the best possible price in the best time frame for the Seller.   Rest assured, she follows thru to the final Closing of the sale!


Buyers also need to follow the  "best foot forward" rule!  That involves an initial meeting with a mortgage professional, to be pre approved for a mortgage.   A credit check will be done.   Your credit score is important.   You'll also need to provide certain confidential information, such as income, debts, short term and long term loans, etc.  This will be combined to determine your ultimate  purchase price.  Then it's time to start looking at what is available for sale.   Sue will schedule a meeting with you.   Based on that discussion, she will formulate her plan for your home search.    You will be made aware of the entire buying process, and she will prepare you for the processes that  will follow, up to and including the closing.    

There is no absolute time frame for buying a home.  Some people find a home the first day they visit, and others may take weeks or even months.

Sellers should expect there will be a home inspection conducted at Buyers expense.  Only pre approved Buyers will be accepted as part of any transaction, and Sue will provide a list of professionals to assist both sides.   You can rely on her recommendations for reaching out to Home Inspectors, Attorneys , Home Warranties, Insurance Companies, Vendors (for repairs) and Lenders.   

Whether you are interested in buying or selling a Single Family Home, Condo, Townhouse, or vacant land, for professional service reach out to Sue Miller , Real Estate Broker for RE/MAX of Naperville!

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